• Location

Hampi, Karnataka, India

  • Founded By

Harihara and Bukkaraya

  • Founded In

1336 to 1565

  • Status

UNESCO World Hertiage Center

  • Architectural Style

Gopuram Architecture

In the northern Karnataka village, Hampi is located. Positioned within Vijayanagara ruins that were the capital of Vijayanagara Empire, this monument is located. This place has also gained a lot of popularity as a significant religious centre. The premises also house the Virupaksha Temple. Besides this temple, there are many other monuments that are a part of this old city. These ruins have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also been listed as a part of Group of Monuments at Hampi.

The region is rich in mineral deposits, like manganese and iron ore. This is the reason since many years, mining has been going on in this area. Mining has been increased considerably due to increase in iron ore supply in global markets. Due to intensified mining, the famous Tungabhadra Dam and the World Heritage Site is under threat.

Hampi ruins are spread over an area of 26 square kilometers. It has also been referred to as “The Forgotten Empire”. According to history, before Vijayanagara’s decline began, diamonds and many other precious valuables were sold on the streets. This street where diamonds were sold was known as Pan Supaari Street. The street has been protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

A visit to Hampi is worth. This stunning area impresses visitors coming here in large numbers. Boulders in millions can be seen everywhere. Amidst this arid landscape, there is an oasis flourishing. It has lush green palm, mango trees and banana trees and many more adjacent to the river. Tourists enjoy wandering around this beautiful place and discover vibrant and rich history of this destination.


The history of this places dates back to about 1 CE. In the capital of Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi formed one of the prominent areas from 1336 to 1565. This place was laid under siege by Deccan Muslim Confederacy. This destination was chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of India because of its strategic location. This destination is also surrounded by Tungabhadra River and mighty verdant hills.

Not only from historical point of view but also architecturally, this site is very significant. Large rocks abound the topography of this place and these rocks were used to make Hindu deities. Excavations are still conducted by Archaeological Survey of India and many temples and artifacts are available.


Hampi is a beautiful destination located on the banks of Tungabhadra River. This site is located about 353 kilometres away from Bangalore. It is located about 74 kilometres away from Bellary. To reach here, the nearest Railway Station is Hosapete or Hospet which is located about 13 kilometers away.


Hampi Utsav” is organised every year by this destination. This Utsav is celebrated in November’s first week. Visiting this destination during this time is purely a visual delight. All monuments and ruins are bathed in lights and this is a cultural festival showcasing music and dance of India. Recently, this destination has completed 500 years of throne accession of Vijayanagar king Sri Krishnadevaraya.

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