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Golden Temple (harmandir Sahib)

  • Location

Amritsar, Punjab, India

  • Founded By

Hazrat Mian Mir

  • Construction Started

December 1585 AD

  • Status

Seven Wonders of the World

  • Architectural Style

Sikh Architecture

Harmandir Sahib is to day popular all over the world as the Golden Temple. It is a Sikh Gurudwara that is situated in Amritsar in India. Guru Arjan Dev, fifth Sikh guru built this Gurudwara in the sixteenth century. Adi Granth was completed in 1604 by Guru Arjan Dev. This Adigrantha is Sikhism’s Holy Scripture which was installed in this gurudwara. To enter Harmandir Sahib, there are four doors symbolizing Sikhs openness towards all religions and people. Current gurudwara was built again by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in 1764 with assistance from other Sikh Misls. The Punjab region was secured by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the earlier part of 19th century and saved the region from future attacks. He also covered upper floors of Gurudwara with gold thereby imparting a distinctive look to this religious place. It also became popular as the Golden Temple.


The literal meaning if Sri Harmandir Sahib is “The Temple of God”. In 1577 CE, a tank was excavated by Guru Ram Das ji, Sikhism’s fourth guru that later came to be known as “Amritsar”. It means “Pool of the Nectar of Immortality”. This gave the name Amritsar to this city that grew and developed around this pond. After some time, in the tank’s middle, Sri Harmandir Sahib, a Sikh edifice rose and became Sikhism’s supreme centre. Adi Granth was housed inside the sanctum of this edifice. This Adi Granth comprised of several compositions by many saints and Sikh Gurus that discussed philosophies and values of Sikhs, for example, Kabir and Baba Farid. Guru Arjan Dev, fifth guru of Sikhs started this Adi Granth’s compilation work.

A holy tank or a large lake surrounds the Gurudwara. This tank is referred to as the sarovar that comprises of Amrit or “immortal nectar” or “holy water”. To reach this Gurudwara, there are four entrances that display the importance of openness and acceptance. Shrines in memories of erstwhile Sikh gururs are also located within the premises of this Gurudwara complex. There are bers or three holy trees that signify a Sikh saint or a historical event. Memorial plaques are also strewn around the Gurudwara complex for erstwhile Sikh saints, historical events and martyrs. This also encompasses commemorative inscriptions for all those Sikh soldiers who participated in World Wars I and II and died fighting.

Originally, there was a small lake amidst a serene forest. Many sages used this place for the purpose of meditation. It is also believed that Lord Gautam Buddha also spent some time here. Guru Nanak also spent a lot of time close to this site and later other saints also came here for a quiet solitude. Golden Temple has also faced many attacks but they were foiled with sheer bravery and courage of Sikh followers and devotees.


In Northern India, Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple is situated in the state of Punjab. Situated adjacent to the Amritsar Lake in the south of the city that has the same name as the lake, the temple is popular all over the world. The city is well connected by main means of transportation and the easiest way to reach here is through airplane. Close to this temple, the Amritsar Airport is located.



Guruparab is celebrated in this gurudwara with great excitement. The reason behind celebrating this event is to mark the birth and death of Sikh gurus.

Aakhand Path is also carried out on different occasions whether they are sad or joyous. During this occasion, path is done from this Holy Scripture non-stop. Karah Prasad or bhog is offered at the conclusion of this path. Besides these festivals, many other events are organised at this awe inspiring temple. This gurudwara has been selected as one of the Seven Wonders of India by the TOI voters.

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