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Khajuraho Group Of Monuments

A small town in the Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh contains the Khajuraho group of monuments. Khajuraho is located about 620 km (385 miles) in the southeast direction of Delhi and falls under the category of most significant and famous tourist spots in our country. Khajuraho possess the largest cluster of medieval Jain and Hindu shrines, which are well known for their erotic sculptures.

The term Khajuraho which was known as “Kharjuravahaka’ in olden days is obtained from Sanskrit words like Kharjura means “Date palm” whereas Vahaka means “one who carries”. The villagers of Khajuraho also aware of this and provided their best to keep up this temples. They were targeted by the Britishers during the late nineteenth century when jungles had obtained charge on monuments. During 19th century, T.S. Burt, the British engineer visited this region that was then succeeded by the General Alexander Cunningham. The place of Khajuraho was placed on the world map once he explored Khajuraho on the request of Archaeological Survey of India and gave a brief description in wonderful terms about what he discovered in this place. UNESCO World Heritage Site has listed Khajuraho as one of its world heritage site and the place also comes under one among the “seven wonders” in India.

Architecture of Khajuraho Group of Monuments

The temples at Khajuraho are categorized into three divisions based on their geographical pattern namely southern, western and eastern.

These temples at Khajuraho are constructed with sandstone. The constructors didn’t apply the mortar. Instead of that, the stones were clubbed together with the help of mortise together with tenon joints and later held on the respective place by gravity. This art of building require absolutely perfect joints. The architraves and columns were constructed with the help of megaliths which are about 20 tonnes.

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science located at Pilani, India possess a Saraswati temple in their campus which was designed based on the Khajuraho temples.

Statues and Carving

The Khajuraho temples possesses few of the erotic or sexual art either exterior to the temples or near to the deities. There are some temples with two layers of the walls where small size erotic or sexual carvings had done on the exterior of inner wall. These sexual carvings carry many interpretations. There is a general belief that these carvings depict tantric sexual process. Whereas the outside curvature along with other carvings of temples display human bodies, humans, all the transformations that happens in human body and all other facts of human life. About ten percentages of the total carvings carry sexual or erotic themes, which doesn’t focus on any deities but the sexual process between the people. The remaining gallery displays the normal day to day life of common Indian man when these carvings were designed and also activities of several other beings. There are pictures depicting the actions of women indulged in make-up, potters, musicians, farmers and several other folks. Located at a distance from the temple deities are the mundane themes. There is a common misconception that, the ancient structures together with carvings in the temples of Khajuraho are those which depicts the sexual process between the deities.

Cultural and Religious Importance

There are vast religious and cultural art in the Khajuraho temples. This art allures millions of international and domestic tourists every year. City of Khajuraho is well established with modern facilities to meet the standards of various tourists who attack from all parts of the world.

One can also enjoy the fireworks, special programs and various dance shows which are organized frequently in Khajuraho. These kinds of show also enable to tourists to obtain a clear picture of Khajuraho history, culture and lifestyle. The open complex and the temple gardens are open to carry out these kinds of cultural events. Dance festival at Khajuraho is well known all over our country which will be held immediately after the winter season during every year. The event generally happens at Vishwanath temple with several types and forms of classical Indian dance.

Tourism in Monuments

There is a light and sound show in the Khajuraho temple every evening. The show is on both the English and Hindi languages. It is an hour show covering all the history, art of sculpting and also the history of the Khajuraho temples. The show is conducted in open lawns present in temple complex.

One can experience the Khajuraho dance festival which is held during first February week (Feb. 1st to Feb. 7th) every year. This provides great opportunity to explore several forms of Indian classical dances that are performed against the background of Vishwanath or Chitragupta temples

How to Reach

By Air

The popular Khajuraho possess its own air terminal called Town Airport Khajuraho area. This airport is located at 2 km south of the Khajuraho city. Currently there are routes from Varanasi and Delhi towards Khajuraho.

By Train

The world popular Khajuraho possess its self railway station. The station is approximately 5 km from the well known areas of Khajuraho. The station is just few kilometers from selected locations. The nearby renowned railway station is the Mahoba Junction which is located approximately 75 km away. Trains from important places in India halt at this well known Mahoba station. From Mahoba station one can prefer a cab or service of bus to reach the world popular Khajuraho temples.

By Road

The Khajuraho is well connected with all the major places inside an outside the Madhya Pradesh state by road. The road towards Khajuraho is connected with NH 75 and is easily accessible from all parts of country. Both government and private services deliver all types of elegant, semi-deluxe and common vehicles to tour the Khajuraho temples. Private taxis and cabs are also readily available to travel to this site.

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