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What to do in India

Spot Wildlife at a National Park

India is rich in fauna and flora. The rich biodiversity could be seen in about 100 national parks and around 450 wildlife sanctuaries present in India. Many wild life sanctuaries are made for the purpose of conserving the dwindling number of species like tigers, Indian lions and rhinos. These places are of great tourist attraction as the nature could be enjoyed in its raw beauty. Many National Parks even have the infrastructure for conducting elephant safaris.

Be Adventurous

Adventure tracking is possible at only those places which are endowed with natural and geographical features. India earns this credit very well. The great mountain range – the Great Himalayas gives this opportunity for adventurous activities like mountaineering, trekking and yak safaris and various other snow-sports. Similarly, great seas and oceans flanking the coasts of India provide ideal setting for various water sports. The backwaters of Kerela are heaven for rafting, boating and yacht racing.

Take a Houseboat along the Kerala Backwaters

Far from the trauma and turmoil of the modern world, stretching and yawning aimlessly on a houseboat amidst beautiful and serene backwaters of Kerela is unworldly experience. The simplicity of nature, serenity and calmness of the surrounding and splendid beauty of the landscape nourishes the soul and rejuvenates the mind. A couple of days spending here become the memory of the lifetime.

Get an Ayurvedic Treatment

India and Ayurveda treatment are inseparable. Someone coming to India and not taking the age old, traditional medical treatment would be like missing the soul from the body. A number of Ayurveda based health resorts and hospitals have come up to cater to the ever growing demand of the tourists. One can visit these centres simply for relaxation and rejuvenation or for treatment of those ailments which have not been treated so far through other schools of medicine. The ideal period to visit these Ayurvedic centres is during the time of monsoons.

Visit a Tea Plantation

India produces one of the best blends of tea in the world. The tea estates are beautiful landscapes full of greenery. They are treat to eyes in themselves. A number of resorts have been developed around tea estates so that the residents have an experience of living besides farms.

Get Spiritual

Spiritualism lies in the air in India. There is possibly no place in India which does not have some splendid temples or mosques or gurudwaras. The chants of mantras reverberate the whole atmosphere during the morning and evening time. Several ghats alongside the holy cities of Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kashi andVaranasi look like the spiritual centers for masses during the evening aarti. Apart from that there are various meditation centers, spiritual discourse centers, Buddhist Vipassana meditation retreat etc for cleansing one’s soul and rejuvenating it with new energy and motivation.

Shop Till You Drop

In India one finds a fine blend of two worlds. On the one hand, the supermarkets and company stores have opened up showcasing every product launched in the world market right from apparels to electronics. On the other hand, the best and unique products of India are readily available in the local markets. Almost all the places are unit in themselves in terms of cultural evolution and so one can get ancient art form, handicrafts, embroideries, paintings and carving on wood, canvas, clothes and jewelries. The visitors are tempted to buy some of these products in the Indian market.

Visit Monuments and Attractions

History of any place is continued in its architectural remains. Some of great forts, ancient temples, beautiful mausoleums, huge structures, and splendid buildings in India tell the story of Indian cultural and historical heritage. A list of such places must be got readied by the visitors and they must schedule their visits to these monuments and historical places. After all modern day India could be understood through these past-days monuments only.

Enjoy a Festival

Want to see a live example of “Unity in Diversity? Visit India during the festival times. The people crossing all lines of religion, region and class differences participate with full devotion and enthusiasm in these festivals. The colorful events, songs, dances, dressings, cuisines everything comes out in open air. Visiting India during the festival times is the best time to know the country closely.

Relax on the Beach

India has some of the best beaches in the world in Tamil Nadu, Kerela and Goa. If exhausted by visiting the length and breadth of the country and various tourist places, the tourists come to these inviting beaches for relaxation. The avenues for water sports, body massage and sun soaking is always open on these beaches.

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