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An essential and core part of the tourism industry is the hotels. The industry has enormous scope of its further growth and development. From the economic and socio-cultural aspect, this industry has been growing rapidly in India. How much of  an impact tourism is and will be, is judged with the characteristic profile of its tourists. How long would they stay, their preference, their traveling styles etc. along with the facilities provided, the health and hygiene, its cuisine taken care by the tourism industry decides the strength of tourism and its development.

According to the 40th Annual Report along with the Audited Accounts for the year ending in March 2011, the financial assessment sheet can be seen- during 2010-2011, the entire revenue rose to Rs. 5357.63 hundred thousands against the rise in 2009-2010 which amounted  a total of Rs. 4128.51 hundred thousand. The HCL evidenced an increase of 30% in its revenue earning from 2009-10 to 2010-11. The rise is mainly because of Centaur Delhi which has contributed alone of Rs. 1187.13 hundred-thousand (69%). The increase mainly comes from the increase in occupancy from 33% in 2009-10 to 55% in 2010-11.

The main expenditure of the Hotel Corporation of India Limited has increased by 18% (an amount of Rs. 1190.25 hundred-thousand), to Rs. 7880.83 hundred-thousand in 2010-11. This rise was mainly due to high staff cost addition, with the actuarial Gratuity valuation of Rs 841.55 hundred-thousand, when the Gratuity limit was raised from Rs. 3.5 hundred-thousands to Rs. 10 hundred-thousand along with the leave encashment of Rs. 233.67 hundred-thousands. There was a loss in the gross operating cost of Rs. 2523.20 hundred-thousand as against Rs. 2562.07 hundred-thousand in the year 2009-10.

The Hotel Corporation of India Limited has its hotels in Srinagar and New Delhi in this country. The organization has its catering services for the flights that run to and from India and also within India. The hotels provide all kinds of facilities, like swimming pools, health club, tennis court, gym etc. The HCL was integrated around 1971 and functions basically from Mumbai. The HCL is operating subsidiary of National Aviation Co. of India Ltd.

There are possibilities of getting Hotel Corporation of India Limited privatized. This is the option that the aviation ministry thinks should be a way of serving the industry more efficient. The present aviation minister Mr. Ajit Singh said that the Govt. was thinking about privatizing the management team of the hotel. The consent from the Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir needs to be considered as the property in Srinagar is under lease.

Social Impacts of Tourism

Tourism finds its concentration because of its dynamism and communication between people across different cultures and geographical territories. It sociologically involves:

  • Social mingles between all those individuals who would have never met.
  • The meeting point of various cultures , languages, ethnic groups, lifestyles etc.
  • The behavior of people eased out of various social as well as economic constraints experienced in regular life.
  • The attitude of the host people who need to keep in mind the economic benefits and gains along with the expenses incurred by living with the newcomers.

The vital most aspects of tourism are providing suitable accommodation for different categories of the tourists. These accommodations range from budget to five stars to palacial hotels etc. The estimate in India is about 4000 hotel rooms and more than 100,000 additional rooms are estimated to be required by 2015.

The Govt. is trying to integrate the relationship between accommodation along with the number of tourists it attracts to the given place/area. The main economic influence is that of the flow of both domestic and foreign tourists and the availability of cheap, clean and comfortable hotel facility.

There is an acute shortage in hotels of international standards, which is a major factor affecting the development and growth of Tourism. However, there is enough endeavor from the Ministry of Tourism in improving the standard of the accommodations in India. The accommodation facilities which are provided by the HCL are:

Palace Hotels

Many of the former maharajas of Rajasthan and other states have turned their palaces, castles and their forts into luxurious hotels. These hotels provide royal ambience and a taste of the kingly lifestyle of these palaces.

Heritage Hotels

The old and architectural wonders of Rajasthan have been used in converting the royal haves into guest houses and hotels, mainly in Rajasthan. These hotels have an inherent charm of their own.
Five Star Hotels: The hotels that provide luxury and comforts like any other international hotels around the world. They provide all kinds of facilities and comforts to their guests.

Paying Guest

These are not so expensive and good options for simple, clean, comfortable and good cooked food options. They can be best tourist accommodations for budget travelers.

Tourist Accomodation Products

  • Five Star Hotels
  • Three Star Hotels
  • Heritage Hotels
  • Palace Hotels
  • Paying Guest Houses
  • Government Owned Hotels
  • Camping Accomodation
  • Houseboat Accomodation
  • Guesthouse or Dharamsala
  • Palace on Wheels

Tourism has various positive impacts socially like; being the tool of peace as well as prosperity, promoting international understanding and thereby spreading the message of harmony and peace around, expanding the areas of education and learning, providing the spiritual values rather than the segmented religious opinions, helps in reviving all traditional cultures and art forms, adds value to national resources etc. There are, however, some negative impacts of tourism like drug trafficking, impact of foreign culture and its influence on the indigenous lifestyle and art.

However, there is a lot of effort from the Tourism Corporation of India Limited to restore the indigenous art and culture of India. Rajasthan, in fact, is a living example of how the tradition is still maintained and showcase in its ancient form in front of the national and international tourists.

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Hotel Corporation of India Limited
Hotel Corporation of India Limited
Hotel Corporation of India Limited
Hotel Corporation of India Limited

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