Daman and Diu-"Islands of Breeze, Beauty and Serenity"

A very beautiful land of Sun, Sea and Sand lies on the western part of India. Daman & Diu is a union territory which is one of the well known tourist spots of India...


Why Visit Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu have different beautiful hill stations and historical places to see. The old civilization of this place is a worth watch...


Daman & Diu - An Undiscovered Gem where Sand, Sea
and Sky meet in Heaven

The popularity of Daman is because of the beaches like Jampore beach and Devka beach (Nani-Daman). Also, one more factor makes the region of Daman famous which is the freedom to consume liquor that is banned in its neighboring state, Gujarat. This place is targeted by people from nearby places like Baroda, Surat, Valsad, Bhilad and Vapi.

This place is a perfect blend of sun, sand and sea. Diu is an exclusively blessed land where one can keep aside all their worries and provoke their soul with the soothing music of nature. Diu is a tiny land of beauty combined with serenity and breeze located in the southern direction of Kathiawad (Peninsula) of Gujarat. It is lapped by Arabian Sea thereby delivering a picture of calm and peace with fascinating beaches and amazing history.

This place was ruled by various popular dynasties and kings during medieval, ancient and prehistoric periods. Till 1961, this place was ruled by Portuguese. Currently, it serves as Union Territory isolated from Goa in 1981. During 14th to 16th century, this place served as significant naval base and trading spot from where rulers managed shipping routes in northern region of Arabian Sea.

Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English serves as the major and official languages. Portuguese language is almost vanished and is no more taught in school. There are few elderly people who can understand and few others prefer to speak at home. Apart from Portuguese, there are two other vanishing languages in Daman (Lingua da Casa (Home language) and Lingua dos Velhos (Elders language). English is widely recognized as official language.

Festivals in Daman and Diu

Even the population of the places is very low, the citizens of respective places enjoys all festivals with a lot of interest...

Festival (Folk Dance Festival, Christmas, Gangaji Fair, Garba Festival, Nariyal Poornima)


Attractions In Daman and Diu

Notable Personalities In Daman and Diu

Culture in Daman and Diu

The Culture of Daman and Diu is very rich indeed, since it faced a multi-cultural heritage. Music and dance are an important part of life...

Handicrafts in Daman and Diu

The vast diverse culture of Daman and Diu is shown in handicrafts too. They are regarded as one of the best handicrafts of Western India...


This river flows not only in Daman & Diu but also in other states. It supplies water to Vapi for drinking purposes. The river also looked as a tourist point of attraction...